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Talking Dictionary 643. "Ours" And "Theirs" Elevators


643. Some New York City Council members are upset. A new apartment building on the West Side has a "poor door." One member said, "About 200 units are for rich people. About 50 units are for poor people. But, only the rich get the river views. The poor get the street views—stop lights and street signs. Even worse, the poor have to use a separate building entrance and a separate elevator. That's discrimination. That's shameful!" The developer responded, "It's totally legal. Other Manhattan buildings do the same thing. Besides, what's to complain about? The lower‐income tenants are getting a brand new building. It's in a safe, beautiful neighborhood. Their units have central heat and air. Their rent is only 30 percent of the market rate. And the separate elevator is not discrimination. It's freedom from discrimination. They won't be riding up in an elevator with someone looking down on them." 6.1


643. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.