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Talking Dictionary 602. Cat Attacks Dog Attacks Boy


602. A young boy was riding his tricycle. Suddenly, a growling dog pulled the boy off his trike. The boy's ankle was in the dog's mouth. A cat came flying out of nowhere. It clawed at the dog's eyes. The dog ran away. A surveillance video caught everything. Seymour the cat became an Internet and a local hero. The local fire department named Seymour "Hero of the Month." It gave him a plastic, inscribed fireman's hat. A scientist asked Seymour's owner for a sample of Seymour's DNA. The scientist isolated Seymour's "hero" gene. He injected the gene into other animals. From then on, animal hero stories became commonplace. In England, a cow saved a little girl from a rabid sheep dog. In Florida, a frog saved an old lady from an alligator. People clamored for their own injections. The scientist refused, saying, "Nothing should be stronger than a person's common sense." 5.5


602. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.