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Talking Dictionary 601. Who Do You Want To Be?


601. A Dutch man received a brain implant. It fixed his disorder but created a new problem. The man "became" Johnny Cash, a famous country singer. The man bought a guitar and took lessons. He bought a completely new wardrobe—all black, including the underwear. He moved to Nashville. He introduced himself to Cash's grandchildren. He started recording his own songs. The brain surgeons were fascinated. They did more implants on more patients. They learned which regions of the brain triggered which obsessions for which famous people. They began advertising. They could fulfill people's dreams. Whoever people wanted to be, they could be. The surgeons created thousands of wannabe Presleys and Streisands, Burtons and Hepburns, Astaires and Bakers. Singers, actors, dancers, and other entertainers were the most popular choices. Sometimes, the surgeons got requests from a wannabe Edison, Einstein, or Pasteur. These and other geniuses were always offered at 50‐percent discounts. 6.5


601. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.