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Talking Dictionary 603. Big C Takes Mom's Sis


603. Jerry's brother told him the news. Their only aunt had died two days ago. She was 86. Cancer had been eating away at her for years. Chemotherapy had helped her live longer, but the extra days had been miserable ones. The cancer had returned after going into remission. Their aunt was their mom's fraternal twin. But their mom was healthy as a horse. Her doctor had never found a hint of cancer in her body. How could two sisters' health be so different? Neither of their parents had ever had cancer. Neither of the sisters had ever smoked. Neither had ever drunk anything stronger than tea. Their only vice was their love of chocolate. It had to be fate. Upon hearing the news, Jerry's first thought was, Good for her—her suffering is over. His second thought was, That's one less Christmas card I have to send out every year. 4.3


603. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.