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Talking Dictionary551. Train Wreck: Lost Life, Lost Honor


551. Bob and Ray were talking about the recent train wreck. A passenger train bound for Grand Central Station had crashed at a curve. Ten people were injured. One person died. The engineer was unhurt. At first, the engineer said the brakes had failed. Authorities grilled him. Days later, he admitted that he had dozed off. Bob said, "He should go to jail for murder." Ray said, "You can't jail someone for dozing off. Instead, they should take him to Bellevue Hospital." Bob said, "What on earth for? He didn't get a single scratch." Ray said, "He's a man without a backbone. He needs an implant. Maybe then he'll start owning up to his mistakes. He revealed a dark side to friends and family. They'd thought he was an honorable man. But when he lied to cover his butt, he showed his true colors. I mean, his true color—bright yellow." 2.7


551. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.