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Talking Dictionary552. Toss And Turn All Night


552. Bernard said to his sister Barb, "It's so hard to get to sleep at night. When I finally do get to sleep, I wake up an hour or two later. Then I can't get back to sleep again. All I think about is past mistakes. Things I should have done. Things I shouldn't have done. Things I should've said. Things I shouldn't have said. To stop thinking about the past, I try thinking about the future. But when I think about the future, all I do is worry. Will I lose my job? Will I lose my health? Will I lose my mind?" Barb said, "Well, instead of thinking about the past or future, why don't you think about the present?" Bernard said, "Ha! When I think about the present, all I think about is my boss, The Jerk. He keeps me awake even more than the past or future!" 1.9


552. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.