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Talking Dictionary550. Tew Plus Foor Izz Ayt


550. Several students at a California school complained about their English professor. They complained because she corrected errors in their papers. She corrected their capitalization. She corrected their punctuation. She corrected their spelling. The students belonged to a minority group called Colors United. They said the professor was racist. They said her corrections were acts of micro‐aggression. They said her corrections created a hostile class environment. They asked her to stop correcting their papers. She refused. They asked the school president. He refused. CU sued the school. The case went to the U.S. Supreme Court. In a 5‐4 decision, the Court sided with the students. Immediately, most schools nationwide ordered their English teachers to stop correcting students' errors. Not satisfied, CU launched another lawsuit. This one was against the school's math department. Said a CU spokesman, "Why does two plus two always have to equal four? That sounds racist to us." 6.5


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