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Talking Dictionary511. Voted Most Popular At Picnics


511. Ellie was in the ninth grade. Occasionally, a particular group of girls invited Ellie to their gatherings. Ellie's best friend, Suzanne, was puzzled. She said, "You have nothing in common with those girls. Why do they invite you to their get‐togethers? They're using you. I just can't figure out why." Ellie said, "What's there to figure out? You're just being too suspicious. I think they really do like me." Suzanne said, "No, those girls don't like people. They just like to use people. Have you noticed a pattern to their invitations?" Ellie said, "They never invite me to their pajama parties, if that's what you mean. They always invite me to parks and picnics. And I hate being outdoors in warm weather. I have high blood sugar. The bugs and mosquitoes eat me alive." Suzanne said, "See?I knew it! That's why you're there. So the bugs can eat you!" 3.2


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