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Talking Dictionary512. He Calls Himself A Writer


512. Moonbucks was crowded. He was reading a magazine at a corner table. A pretty, young woman asked, "May I join you? There's nowhere else to sit." He nodded. She thanked him and sat down. She said, "You must be pretty smart to be reading that magazine." He said, "I understand only about half of it, so I guess I'm only half 'pretty smart.'" She said, "I would never read something that I only understood half of." She asked him what he did. He said he was, among other things, a writer. She asked, "What do you write?" He said, "Short stories." She asked, "Your stories are in a book?" He said no. She asked, "Your stories are in a magazine?" He said no. She asked, "Your stories aren't in books or magazines? Then where are they?" He said they were online. She said, "Oh, so you're not really a writer." 2.4


512. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.