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Talking Dictionary510. Action Movies Bore Brothers


510. For ninety minutes, the movie audience watched chases, crashes, and shootouts. Bullets and blood flew everywhere. There were enough dead bodies to fill an Olympic‐size swimming pool. Leaving the theater, Brad said, "Yawn. These action movies are getting old. The new ones are the same old stuff, just louder. They need to make them more real." Drake asked, "Yeah, but how?" Brad said, "Simple. Install mind caps in theater seats. We select a character. Wearing the cap, we experience everything he experiences. If he drives fast on winding roads, we feel each turn. If he parachutes out of an airplane, we feel the free fall." Drake asked, "Yeah, but what if someone punches him?" Brad said, "Of course, you can adjust the cap for minimum or maximum feel." Drake said, "Forget it. You can't always trust technology. Maybe your cap will 'self‐adjust' to maximum when your character's getting run over." 4.3


510. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.