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Talking Dictionary506. Too Drive To Drunk


506. The silver Mercedes was weaving along the four‐lane road. Two solid yellow stripes and embedded reflectors separated the lanes. The Mercedes driver was very well‐dressed. He was also very drunk. He was driving with all the car windows open and the music blasting away. He couldn't maintain a steady speed. He sped up, and then he slowed down. He couldn't drive straight. He steered to the right edge of the road until he hit the rumble strip. The vibration made him steer left. He steered left until he hit the embedded reflectors. The vibration made him steer right. He had no idea of how bad he was driving. But a policeman behind him did. The cop pulled him over. He made him get out of his Mercedes. He handed him a breathalyzer. The driver mumbled thank you. He held the breathalyzer as if it were a phone. He said hello. 3.6


506. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.