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Talking Dictionary505. Worried About His Wife


505. Grace worked seven days a week. Almost always, she left home at eight in the morning. She didn't return home until eight in the evening. After eating a late dinner and watching a little TV, she turned on her computer. She did research for several hours. Then she went to bed. Each day, she traveled throughout Manhattan, either working for clients or searching for clients. She rode buses and trains. She walked for blocks in every neighborhood. She climbed flights of stairs. She ducked into restaurants to grab some food or use the rest room. She passed out her business cards. She sat down on park benches to rest her back and legs. One evening, her husband was massaging her feet. He said, "Honey, your hair's turning gray and your body's falling apart." She said, "I know. But every month, we have bills to pay. What choice do I have?" 3.3


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