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Talking Dictionary507. The Truth About A Tooth


507. He dreamed that one of his teeth had fallen out. He told his classmate. She said, "In my country, such a dream means a relative is going to die soon." He asked, "Really? Any particular relative?" She said, "Yes. It depends on which tooth falls out." He said, "Well, it was my big front tooth—the right one." She said, "That means your father's going to die soon. The left one means your mother's going to die soon. Your other upper teeth symbolize other relatives." He asked, "Well, what about my lower teeth?" She said, "Your lower teeth tell you how you're going to die. I once dreamed that a particular lower tooth fell out. My grandma told me I was going to die a watery death." He asked, "Well, what happens if it's not a dream—your tooth actually falls out?" She said, "Nothing. We just bury the tooth." 2.4


507. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.