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Talking Dictionary464. Tattoo You


464. The owner of a Manhattan firm has offered his employees a 15‐percent raise. All they have to do is tattoo themselves with the firm's logo—DD. The name of the firm is Double Down. It makes pillows. The owner claims his pillows contain twice as much down as his competitors' pillows. Why did he make the offer? He said, "It's a unique way to promote our brand. Employees become walking billboards for our pillows." Many employees jumped at the offer. They now have DD tattooed on their hands or necks. However, others passed on the offer. One woman said, "What happens if this company goes south? Or I get fired? I'm going to be stuck with DD on my body for the rest of my life? No way! My friend Suzanne already did it. But if she gets fired, she can always say the tattoo stands for her bra size." 3.5


464. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.