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Talking Dictionary463. The Fast Food Worker


463. He was dog‐tired. He plopped onto the worn sofa. His sister said, "You look beat. Did you just run a marathon?" He said, "I wish. I can run a marathon in less than four hours. I just finished my shift. It was eight and a half hours. No lunch, no breaks." She said, "That's inhuman! That's inhumane! That's illegal! They can't make you work for over eight hours straight without even one break! You need to call a lawyer right now." He said, "I'm too tired to call a lawyer. Besides, who can afford one? It was super‐busy. My coworker was out sick. I was the only one making sandwiches all day. My manager thanked me. He said to eat anything I wanted after I clocked out. So I did. I think I ate one of everything we sell." She said, "You're not tired from working. You're tired from eating!" 2.0


463. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.