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Talking Dictionary465. Those People Will Never Change


465. On Alternate Earth, there are Stripers and Checkers. The Stripers have stripes. The Checkers have checks. Stripers and Checkers with only two colors are rich and powerful. Those with four colors are the middle class. Those with eight colors are often jobless and homeless. But even a homeless person looks down on others. If he's a Striper, he looks down on Checkers. If he's a Checker, he looks down on Stripers. The president of one country, Bestoria, is a Striper. The vice president is a Checker. The president was dining with his wife. He said, "I hate working with this guy. He's rude, he's stubborn, and he's lazy. Checkers are all the same. They'll never change. The parents teach the kids all the wrong things. Then the kids teach their kids the same wrong things. They say that gravity is the strongest force in the world. They're wrong. Tradition is." 3.1


465. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.