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Talking Dictionary454. Is There A Largebone, Too?


454. Lester was walking along East 65th Street. A store window's fancy lettering caught his eye. It said, "Smallbone of Devizes." Underneath that, it said, "Hand‐made English Cabinetry." He understood "cabinetry." But "Smallbone of Devizes"? What in the world was that? He went inside the store. Moments later, a man walked down from upstairs. Lester said, "Hi. I'm just curious. Could you tell me what Smallbone of Devizes means?" The man smiled and said, "Smallbone is the surname of Charlie, the founder. Devizes is the name of a small town in England." Lester said, "Ohh. That explains it. I guess you hear this question all the time." The man said, "You know, you're the first person who's ever asked." Lester said, "Really? I've always had a knack for asking questions that others don't." The man smiled and said, "No, not really. I was joshing. I hear that question every other day." 3.5


454. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.