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Talking Dictionary453. Teacher Frets About Handout


453. Al took the 6 Train to Hunter College. The Math Teachers Society was having its annual conference. Al was a new member. He had created a handout for the other teachers. It described his new math website. His site had hundreds of math exercises and games. Using his own students, he had tested it thoroughly. He felt it was a winner. But he was anxious. Maybe the society chairwoman wouldn't let him distribute his handout. She might be upset because he hadn't e‐mailed her about it earlier. She might think his handout was rubbish. She might even laugh at him! She might kick him out of the conference. She might report him to his principal. When he got to the West Building, he tracked her down. Nervously, he asked if he could distribute his handout. She studied it. Then she said, "I love this! I'll make an announcement about it." 3.8


453. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.