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Talking Dictionary455. Standing On The Corner


455. The young woman was standing on the corner near Bloomingdale's. Yellow stickers on her hat said, "Try This!" He asked, "Try what?" She said, "I'm handing out samples of a new facial cream. I'm fresh out, but they're bringing me more. Would you like some for your wife or daughter?" He said, "Sure. I'll just wait right here till you get more." He turned his attention to the traffic and the passersby. After a while, he turned around to see if she had received more samples. She wasn't there. He saw her about to enter Bloomingdale's. He ran over to her. She said, "Oh, there you are. Here are your samples. I thought you had left." He said, "Left? I was standing right next to you. I was watching the traffic go by." She said, "Well, that's why I thought you had left. I didn't recognize you from the back." 1.7


455. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.