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Talking Dictionary443. Floating In The Ocean


443. They got on the plane. He said, "Don't be so nervous. Air travel is 200 times safer than car travel." She said, "I don’t care if it is 200 times. It only takes one time. Besides, we're flying over the Pacific. I can't swim." He said, "Swim? Ha! One, if we crash into the ocean, the crash will probably kill you. Two, even if you could swim, sharks can swim faster. Three, this plane has plenty of life vests. If you're lucky enough to survive a crash with your life vest on, you can just relax. You'll float like a beach ball." She said, "OK. Then what?" He said, "Then what? What do you think? You're in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Nobody's going to find you and rescue you. You'll probably die a slow death from thirst or exposure. If you're lucky, you'll get eaten immediately by sharks." 2.4


443. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.