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Talking Dictionary444. Stay Informed—Read The Paper


444. The subway car was crowded, but she managed to find a seat. An unkempt old man with a beard was sitting next to her. He was reading a newspaper. On the floor, between his feet, was a dirty‐looking bag. Well, at least he doesn't smell, she thought. The man was reading the newspaper almost at arm's length. Because his seat was perpendicular to hers, his left hand was close to her face. He turned the pages rapidly. He brought his hands together and then extended them each time he turned a page. She felt uncomfortable. She worried that his hand might accidentally touch her face. She was about to stand up. But then, he folded the paper neatly. Thank goodness, she thought. He opened his bag and put the paper in it. She looked in. She saw at least a dozen more newspapers. He pulled one out. She stood up. 2.9


444. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.