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Talking Dictionary442. TV Ads—Up Close And Personal


442. He was watching TV. The commercials started. One after another they came, like subway riders going through turnstiles. Five minutes later, the program resumed. Ten minutes later, a new cluster of commercials started. Five minutes later, the program resumed. During this part of the program, he saw three new commercials at the bottom of his TV screen. Then, a new cluster of commercials began. He said, "This is getting ridiculous. It's bad enough that we already get one minute of commercials for every two minutes of programming. But now, they're sneaking in commercials during the program at the bottom of the screen." His son said, "That's the price you pay for free TV. But you ain't seen nothing yet. Guess what's around the corner? They're developing hologram TV. The pitchmen for commercials will come out of the TV. They'll sit next to you on your sofa to sell their products!" 5.0


442. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.