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Talking Dictionary419. The Surprise House Guest


419. Rex called his brother‐in‐law. "My nephew Sean got offered a new job in New York. He's been working for years in Atlanta. I told him that your wife's in real estate. Maybe she could find him an apartment." Art said, "I'll talk to Wendy." Wendy said, "Of course I'll help him. I'll find him the best apartment in Manhattan that he can afford. And I'll give him the family discount—no fee! What's his phone number?" That night, Wendy said, "Sean sounded so sweet and charming. I invited him to stay with us until I find him a new apartment. He accepted, of course." Art said, "You invited him to stay with us in our little apartment?" Wendy said, "Yes. He's family, isn't he?" Art said, "Yes, he's family—distant family! I've never even met this guy! I don't know him from Adam." Wendy said, "Well, that's about to change." 3.1


419. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.