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Talking Dictionary418. I'm In NYC, But Where?


418. She was visiting Manhattan. She climbed the stairs out of the subway station. Now, exactly where am I, she wondered. Many Manhattan street corners have no street signs. This wasn't one of them. She was at Sixth Avenue and 34th Street. Now, she wondered, which way is north? In Manhattan, numbered streets have higher numbers as they go north. She looked down one block to the next intersection, but she couldn't see a numbered street sign. Looking one block the opposite way, she saw "West 35th St." That direction was north. Why isn't there a huge, luminous arrow pointing north in the middle of every Manhattan intersection, she wondered. Just then, a man asked her, "Can you tell me where I can catch the subway?" She pointed to the stairwell two feet away from her. "Right down these stairs," she said. Some tourists need more help than others, she thought. 4.2


418. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.