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Talking Dictionary420. The Chair Kicker


420. She sat down in the front row of the midtown classroom. There was one man sitting right behind her. Other students were scattered throughout the room. She took out her notebook. The teacher started talking. It was a real estate class about contracts. She started taking notes. She felt a solid thump. The man behind her had hit her desk leg with his foot. She stopped writing for a moment. Then she resumed writing. About five minutes later, his foot struck her desk leg again. That's two, she simmered. About five minutes later, he did it again. She stood up and turned around. She said, "Excuse me. Does my chair resemble a soccer ball? Stop kicking my chair! Use your tiny brain to control your giant feet, please." She sat back down. Someone in the back clapped briefly. Staring at his notes, the teacher said, "Please don't do that again." 2.6


420. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.