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Talking Dictionary415. Why Did I Open This Cabinet?


415. He washed his hands in the bathroom. The soap in the soap dish was just a sliver. Boxed bars of soap were in the kitchen. He threw the sliver into the trashcan. He cleaned the gunk out of the soap dish. He rinsed it out and walked out of the bathroom. But he left the bathroom light on and the door open. That was a reminder. He went into the kitchen and opened a cabinet. Instantly, his mind went blank. What am I looking for, he wondered. He stared at the teapot, bowls, and boxes of hand soap. It was hopeless. If he walked back into the bathroom, he might remember. The phone rang. He talked to his grandson for a while and hung up. He walked past the bathroom. The light was on. Oh yes, he remembered. He walked back into the kitchen and grabbed a box of soap. 1.8


415. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.