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Talking Dictionary416. Cats Slaughter Billions


416. A study found that cats kill almost 15 billion birds and other small animals yearly in the United States. It concluded that cats might eventually wipe out these other species. Cat owners bristled at the news. Said one, "My Fluffy is the sweetest cat in the world. She wouldn't hurt a fly, much less kill a sparrow. How did they even come up with that number? How could they possibly find, and count, billions of dead animals? Where are all these dead, half‐eaten corpses? In back yards? In the woods? I've never seen a bird or mouse corpse in my life. And my neighborhood is crawling with cats. The study doesn't contain billions of pictures of corpses, does it? So, where's their proof? I think those researchers have a thing about cats. I bet they all pulled the family cat's tail when they were kids. And got what they deserved." 3.6


416. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.