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Talking Dictionary414. Rainbow Underwear


414. "Mom, would you do my laundry, please? I wasn't able to wash it before I left school," Tony said. He was home from college during a snowy Thanksgiving holiday. She said, "Sure, honey." He went out with his friends. When he returned, his mom said, "Honey, all your underwear had yellow and brown stains on them. Do you have any idea how disgusting that is?" Tony said, "Well, it's disgusting for others, I guess. But since they're my stains, they don't bother me. And since I'm your son, why should they bother you?" She said, "I thought Dad and I raised you better than that." Tony said, "Mom, it's just underwear, and it's normal. I'll bet people all over the world are wearing underwear with brown and yellow stains. Besides, didn't the stains come out in the wash?" She said, "What wash? I threw all your underwear into the fireplace." 3.4


414. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.