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Talking Dictionary404. The Foot‐Long Sub


404. Lana measured Stubway's "foot long" sandwich. It didn't measure up. It was 11 inches long. She measured her friend's "foot long." It was a tad longer, at 11.5 inches. For the next three months, Lana measured Stubway's sandwiches. She got her Facelook friends all over the country to measure their Stubway sandwiches. After hundreds of measurements, Lana realized one thing. Stubway's "foot longs" were all less than a foot long. She called her local TV station. A reporter interviewed her. A network TV reporter saw the story. He interviewed Lana. Then he interviewed a Stubway spokesperson. She said, "The name 'foot long' doesn't refer to the length of the sandwich." The reporter said, "Really! What does it refer to—its height?" She said, "Of course not." He asked, "Its width?" She said, "If you can't ask intelligent questions, this interview is over." He asked, "Its aroma?" as she walked away. 4.4


404. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.