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Talking Dictionary405. The On‐Off Buttons


405. She called her cable company. She told the rep, "If I press the System button, it turns on the cable box but not the TV. If I press the Power button, all I get is a black TV screen with a rectangle that says HDMI. I have to keep pressing the same two buttons willy‐nilly before I finally get a picture." The rep said, "Your remote isn't in sync with your TV. Follow these steps. Press the OK and TV buttons together. When the TV button turns red, press 228. That will turn your TV off. Then press the System button. That will turn your TV on—and off. That's it. You won't ever need to press your Power button again, unless you change the batteries in the remote." She said, "Well, I've never changed the batteries, so why did this happen in the first place?" The rep didn't know. 3.4


405. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.