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Talking Dictionary403. One With The Tiger


403. John was riding in the monorail that takes visitors throughout the Bronx Zoo. When the monorail was over the tiger enclosure, he jumped out. Landing hard, he broke several bones. Irritated, the tiger strode over to examine this visitor from out of the blue. John tried to pet the tiger on its head. The tiger swiped at John's head, drawing blood. It sniffed at John. It pawed at and gnawed at various parts of John. Luckily for John, the big cat had just eaten. It yawned. It ambled back to where it had been lying down. Zoo workers arrived. They carried John outside to an ambulance. Later, a hospital spokesman said, "He'll recover fully. He said he wasn't trying to commit suicide. He just wanted to be 'one with the tiger.'" A reporter wrote, "He was lucky the tiger wasn't hungry, or he would have been 'one within the tiger.'" 4.2


403. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.