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Talking Dictionary383. Honor The Living


383. Jerry's brother Dean was years older than Jerry. Jerry and his wife were visiting Dean and his wife. It was shortly after their mom's funeral. Jerry said, "No more funerals for me. I went to Dad's. I went to Mom's. Enough is enough. I want to remember people living on their feet, not lying in their casket." Dean said, "So, when I die, you're not coming to my funeral? A funeral is for showing love and respect. I want you to be there." Jerry said, "You won't care if I'm there or not. You'll be dead!" Dean said, "Yes, but I'm alive now. What you're saying is very upsetting to me." Jerry grunted. "Okay, if it eases your mind, I'll be there." Later, Jerry told his wife he had lied. She said, "Everyone's going to know you lied when you don't go to Dean's funeral." Jerry said, "Everyone except Dean." 3.1


383. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.