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Talking Dictionary382. Robot Love


382. Randy had received a robot for his last birthday. "Hal" had wheels and a cute face. He could talk. Randy adored Hal. He called Hal his "baby brother." Hal could follow commands. If Randy said, "Follow me," Hal followed him. Of course, Randy told Hal to follow him everywhere. When Randy ate, Hal sat next to him. When Randy slept, Hal slept next to him. There were many buttons on Hal's remote control. If Randy pushed button number six, Hal would spin around. Randy would laugh. After Hal stopped spinning, Randy would ask, "Are you dizzy?" Hal would say, "Let's do that again!" Randy would laugh and push button number six again. Randy loved to watch Hal spin around. One day, Randy's mom said, "Honey, soon you're going to have a real baby brother. Does that make you happy?" Randy said, "Yes! Then I'll have two brothers to spin around!" 2.8


382. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.