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Talking Dictionary384. Where Did The Oceans Go?


384. A huge meteorite crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Babies who were sound asleep in Asia heard the impact. The meteorite went through the ocean bottom. It created a hole deep in the Earth. All the seawater from the Atlantic started rushing into the hole. As the seawater got closer to the Earth's molten core, it sizzled and evaporated. The rushing seawater pulled all the fish into the hole. The fish sizzled and evaporated. The whole world smelled like fish. People who stepped outside for fresh air got fish air. In just two weeks, all the oceans and all their fish disappeared. Sunken ships were newly visible everywhere. The world's governments convened. They wanted to divvy up the ocean floor fairly. Real estate agents were overjoyed. Said one, "Who said God isn't making any more land? Who said rising sea levels are a problem? That meteorite was a gift from heaven!" 5.2


384. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.