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Talking Dictionary336. The Perfect Wife


336. Bill, Bob, and Ben were talking about their wives. Bill said, "My wife is the world's biggest complainer. She complains about everything. If I leave a speck of toothpaste in the bathroom sink, she complains. If I wait too long to take out the trash, she complains. If I come home five minutes late, she complains." Bob said, "You're a lucky man. At least your wife's talking to you. My wife reads everything that's printed. Her nose is always buried in a book, a magazine, or a newspaper. To get her attention, I'd have to get myself printed." Ben said, "You guys should have married my wife. She never complains. She's a great listener. And, she's active in our local community. What more could a man want?" Bill and Bob stayed married to their wives until they died. Ben got divorced when he discovered his wife was cheating on him. 3.3


336. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.