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Talking Dictionary337. Kill And Be Killed In NYC


337. Abe was a designer. He worked in a building across the street from the Empire State Building. He was upset with his coworker, Isaac. He thought Isaac was stealing his designs. Abe confronted Isaac. Isaac said, "What are you talking about? I've never stolen your designs. I don't even like your designs." Abe said, "If you ever steal another design of mine, I'll kill you." Isaac told the boss, "I'm quitting." The boss asked why. Isaac said, "Abe threatened to kill me. I think he's crazy enough to try it." The boss fired Abe. A year later, Isaac was smoking a cigarette outside his building at noon. Abe walked up to him. He shot Isaac twice. A plain‐clothes cop yelled something at Abe. Abe pointed his gun. The cop shot him dead. Shocked, a nearby tourist said, "I thought it was just actors rehearsing. But then they didn't get up!" 2.8


337. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.