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Talking Dictionary335. New Yorkers Are Polite


335. On Sunday, 40,000 spectators were on a Long Island golf course. They were rooting for, or against, some of the world's best professional golfers. While most spectators watched the tournament quietly, a few were loud and obnoxious. On the course and on TV, people could hear occasional jeers when a golfer made a bad shot. They could hear someone yell, "Hacker!" They could hear someone yell, "Go in the water!" A TV commentator said, "Well, we are in New York. New Yorkers always speak their mind. They learn that on the city's mean streets. So their 'frank' remarks don't surprise us." John was watching TV with a friend. John said, "That's not right. He makes it sound like ALL New Yorkers are rude. That's not true. Most New Yorkers are polite. He shouldn't paint us all with one brush." John's friend said, "Ignore him. He's your typical, overpaid TV commentator." 3.7


335. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.