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Talking Dictionary238. Pay Them, And They Will Come


238. A high school in Ohio had poor attendance. "I've got an idea," said an English teacher at a teachers' meeting. "Most of our students are poor. Let's pay them to attend school." Most of the other teachers agreed. They applauded. The principal laughed. "Pay them?! They're already getting a free education. Their education will help them get good jobs. Their education will help them get college degrees. Most of them get free lunches too. Aren't we doing enough?" The teacher said, "No, we aren't. I presented this idea to my students. They said they will come to school every day if we pay them." The principal said, "Let me think about this." The next week he held another teachers' meeting. "We're going to pay students to come to school," he said. Most of the teachers applauded. "The money is coming out of your salaries," he added. The teachers were silent. 3.8


238. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.