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Talking Dictionary239. The World's Favorite Candy Bar


239. He wanted to create the world's most delicious candy bar. He bought a candy bar factory. He experimented with many different ingredients. He created batch after batch of experimental candy. One day he created a superb batch. He shared it with his family and friends. They loved it. He needed a name. His wife suggested OneBite. She said, "One bite and you're hooked." He advertised OneBite on TV. Everybody loved OneBite. People stopped eating all the other candy bars. The other candy bar factories went out of business. He couldn't keep up with the demand. He bought another factory. Then he bought more factories. OneBite became the ONLY candy bar sold in the world. "You must be so happy with your success," his wife said. He said, "Yes, I am. But now I want to do something else. I want to create the most popular soft drink in the world!" 4.4


239. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.