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Talking Dictionary237. Where Is That Winning Ticket?


237. The lottery jackpot was over $400 million. Mary and 14 coworkers at a McDonald's pooled their money. Mary bought 61 tickets with the money. She made copies of the tickets. She gave a copy to each coworker. The lottery numbers were drawn. One of their tickets hit the jackpot! It was worth over $150 million after taxes. "That's $10 million for each of us," said one coworker. "Where's the winning ticket?" he asked Mary. Mary said she had lost the ticket. Then she said that she had hidden the ticket in McDonald's. Then she said that it was HER ticket, not the group's ticket. "I found a dollar on the restaurant floor. It was a lucky dollar. I bought MY lucky ticket with my lucky dollar," she told the coworker. Then she hired a lawyer. Her lawyer held a press conference. "Why is everyone upset?" he asked. "It's only money." 4.7


237. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.