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Talking Dictionary207. Chinese New Year Visitor


207. For Chinese New Year, Lisa set out four plates and four glasses. She set out lobster, rice, greens, and tofu. She set out oranges, grapes, and cherries. She set out cakes and cookies. She set out two shot glasses filled with whiskey. She set out two ashtrays. A lit cigarette rested in each ashtray. Lisa and Mel burned phony thousand‐dollar bills for her ancestors. Lisa greeted and thanked her ancestors. She asked for their help in the new year. Later, Mel and Lisa ate dinner. After dinner, Mel was sitting on the sofa. Lisa came out of the bathroom. "Look what I found on the bathroom floor," she said. She opened her hand. Mel saw a tiny green worm. "I'm going to put it outside," Lisa said. Mel asked, "Put it outside? Why not just flush it down the toilet?" She said, "Because it might be one of my ancestors." 2.7


207. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.