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Talking Dictionary208. Invitation To A U.N. Concert


208. Susan invited Joan to a concert at the United Nations building. Susan was a rich old lady. Joan was a young real estate agent. She had known Susan for a year. Joan was trying to help Susan rent out a run‐down apartment she owned. It was on the Upper East Side. Joan told Susan she was asking too much. "Someone will pay my price eventually," Susan said. Joan enjoyed the concert. Afterward, Susan said, "That concert made me hungry. I know a good restaurant nearby." Joan said okay. She knew the "free" concert ticket wasn't free. She knew she would have to pay for dinner. Susan was as cheap as she was rich. She had not even bought the concert tickets. They were a gift. They sat down in the restaurant. The waiter came. They each ordered dinner. But before the waiter could leave, Susan ordered another dinner—to take home. 3.4


208. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.