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Talking Dictionary206. Lottery Ticket Is Now $2


206. Lottery officials doubled the price of a PowerBall ticket. It used to be $1. Now it's $2. The chance of winning the grand prize is now one in 175 million. It used to be one in 195 million. Second prize is now $1 million. It used to be $200,000. The smallest prize is now $4. It used to be $3. "The ticket increase is only a dollar," said a lottery official. "Now the payout is much better, and the chance of winning is much better. The public will love the new PowerBall." "I'm not playing PowerBall anymore!" said Bruce. "The chance of winning is still microscopic. They want us to pay double to win zero. How stupid do they think we are?" Six weeks later, the PowerBall grand prize was $310 million. Bruce bought a ticket. Just one ticket, for this one game, just this one time, Bruce promised himself. 4.7


206. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.