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Talking Dictionary187. Pay The Postage Due


187. It was a large, white envelope. It arrived in New York from California. It was from Tony Robbins. He is a very famous speaker. He is a very famous life coach. He is a very rich man. Three shiny, white pages were inside the envelope. They invited Rachel to a 6‐day seminar in San Diego. Page one said, "This is your chance to reshape your life." Page two said, "Unleash your own inner power." Page four said, "Six days that will shape your life." She told her husband about the invitation. "How much is the seminar?" he asked. She said it was almost $4,500. "Are you going to go?" he asked. She said, "No. This morning, I had to go downstairs to see the mailman. I had to pay him 63 cents for postage due on the envelope. They want me to pay $4,500, but they couldn't pay 63 cents." 3.6


187. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.