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Talking Dictionary186. Are They Bowling Upstairs?


186. Shane listened to the sounds coming from the apartment above him. Was there a bowling alley up there? Was there a basketball court up there? Was there a dance studio up there? Was there a construction site up there? Things dropped on the floor. Things rolled across the floor. Things dragged across the floor. There was heavy walking. There was loud hammering. What was going on up there? Shane told Rod, "All I think about is the noise. When will it stop? When it does stop, all I do is worry. I worry about when it's going to start again." Rod said, "Well, talk to your neighbor. Ask him to please quiet down. If he doesn't, tell the building manager." Shane said, "Well, the last time I complained to a noisy neighbor, he made MORE noise. The last time I complained to a manager about noise, he raised my rent." 1.8


186. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.