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Talking Dictionary188. Thanks For Coming To The Party


188. Camille worked with Bonnie. She borrowed things from Bonnie. She "forgot" to return them. She never said good morning to Bonnie in the morning. She never said good night to Bonnie in the evening. She never went to lunch with Bonnie. A week before the office Christmas party, Camille started being nice to Bonnie. She started saying good morning. She started saying good night. She returned everything she had borrowed from Bonnie. She invited Bonnie to lunch. Bonnie didn't understand Camille's friendliness. But she liked it. One day, Camille told Bonnie, "You MUST come to the party. You'll have fun, I know. Please promise you'll come." Bonnie promised. She wore her prettiest dress to the party. Camille hugged her, saying, "I'm so glad you're here. You look so nice! Would you watch my coat and purse for me?" Camille danced for almost an hour. Bonnie watched Camille's coat and purse. 3.4


188. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.