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Talking Dictionary146. Till Death Do Us Part


146. "We don't have anything in common!" she yelled at her husband. He said, "Of course we do. You like to yell at me, and I like it when you stop yelling at me. We were made for each other." She said, "No, we weren't. We don't like the same food. I like my Chinese food. You like your American food. I like to dig into crab and lobster with my hands. You don't like to get your hands dirty. We don't like the same movies. We don't like the same music. You're a night person. You like to sleep till noon. I'm a day person. You're tall and skinny and really bony. I'm short and fat. We are so different. How is it that we're still together after all these years?" He said, "That's easy. We DO have another thing in common. We're both too old to find someone new." 1.7


146. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.