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Talking Dictionary147. Turn The Temperature Up


147. "The refrigerator temperature is too cold," she said. "The vegetables are freezing. Can you turn the temperature up?" He said, "Sure. It's simple. Let me show you how. Then you can do it yourself." She said, "Don't show me how. Just do it. You're so lazy. You figure the more you show me, the less you'll have to do yourself." He said, "Well, yes. But then, I'll have more time to do OTHER things for you." He opened the refrigerator. The temperature dial was on 5. He turned it up to 6. "There, it's fixed," he said. She said thanks. The next day, she said the vegetables were still freezing. He said, "That's odd." He opened the refrigerator and looked at the dial. Next to the dial, in big letters, was "9 IS COLDEST." Oops, he thought. He turned the dial down to 4. "There, now it's fixed," he said. 2.2


147. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.