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Talking Dictionary145. The Go‐Ring Gets His Attention


145. Mona saw the boy working at the restaurant. He was so cute. She was in love! But how was she going to meet him? And, if she met him, what if he wasn't interested in her? "Of course he'd be interested in you!" said her girlfriend Lisa. "You're so cute! Any guy would be interested in you." Lisa suggested that Mona use a Go‐Ring. "What's a Go‐Ring?" Mona asked. Lisa said, "Here, I have one. It's just a green ring. Put it on your finger. Wave it at him when he looks in your direction. Everyone knows that green means 'go.' He'll know that you're interested in him." Mona liked the idea. She went to the restaurant. She flashed the ring over and over to the boy. She wiggled her ring finger over and over. Finally, he came over to her. "Hi," he said. "Is something wrong with your finger?" 2.5


145. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.