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Talking Dictionary 1033. Nose Makes The Man


1033. Modifying various genes, a lab created an ingredient to cure doggy breath. Dog food manufacturers added it to their wet and dry dog foods. Dog owners worldwide marveled at their dogs' fresh breath. Doggy‐kissing and face‐licking became extremely common worldwide. Something else became extremely common—dog owners' new behavior. Whenever they walked their dogs, owners themselves stopped frequently to sniff fences, telephone poles, trees, and bushes. Sometimes they even sniffed other dog owners. Cat owners were watching. Alana told Bruce, "I followed you yesterday. You were so busy sniffing everything that Bowser had to pull his leash to get you moving." Bruce said, "Yes, I've discovered a terrific new odorific world. I'm a sniffaholic. I love it. I'll never stop. You should trade in your cat for a dog." Alana said, "Never! Besides, I could stop your sniffing in one second." Bruce said, "How's that?" Alana said, "With Kitty's litterbox!" 6.2


1033. Copyright © Mike Carlson. All rights reserved.